We’re Back on the Blogging Train….

11954670_1018660321491445_3024108273881955478_nWell it’s been a while since we had our “blog on” to be entirely honest over 12 months, oops! When I look back over the year, so much has happened in that time. A new little (no so little now) baby was added to our family. Our family of six and business have packed up and moved to a new state of Australia.  Just those few (LARGE) changes have been enough to cause other smaller things (like blogging) to go by the wayside….and lots of other things (think ironing and sorting laundry and washing windows and mopping floors…) oops, all my secrets are spilling out….;)

As new seasons bring opportunity for new beginnings, I am hopping back on the blogging train. There you go (I SAID IT, eek) You had better hold me to it….

So my passion is babywearing and all things that pertain to that, ultimately if my blog can encourage someone else to consider keeping their baby close, then happy days! So don’t go far as every story has a beginning and here is ours.

Enjoy your snuggles,

Natalie x

Neobulle Evolu’bulle In Review by Amanda

We trialled the Neobulle Evol’bulle with our 1 year old. He’s been carried since a newborn and loved being in the mei tai. I found it easy to use and the adjustable base made it easy to get the right knee-to-knee support. The zippered section for the back/neck would be great to roll down for small babies, for toddlers – we found that the zip easily came undone if my son engaged in his love of arching back while being worn. We used it zipped down most of the time so that he could put his arms out. If he got sleepy, it was easy to tuck his arms in and zip up the back panel. I’m 5’3” and my husband is 6’3” and we both found it easy to use and didn’t need to worry about adjusting shoulder and neck straps like we have to do with our full buckle carrier.


We also did some grandparent trials – they found it easy to use and adjust (having had no babywearing experience prior) and commented that the fabric was soft and supportive. The Evol’bulle was easy to wash and dry – I simply placed in a wash bag and put it in the machine – it dried quickly and came out soft and mouldable.

IMG_9683To view our entire range of Neobulle Evolu’bulle head across to our store 😀

ByKay Mei Tai Deluxe-In Action!

ByKay is a well known and established woven wrap and baby carrier company from the Netherlands. Recently their wraps and carriers have landed here in Australia and we are so thrilled to be stocking them in our store Woven Wraps Australia!

2014-04-22 14.47.28-2

2014-04-22 14.48.45-2

What makes ByKay unique and sets them apart from many other companies is their woven denim baby carriers. They have created a line of woven wrap, mei tai and ring sling made from a denim linen/cotton blend. Talk about funky baby wearing! With two colours to choose from dark jeans and stone washed-you will never think twice about whether your carrier matches your outfit (or vice versa), you can never wear too much denim (right?) 😉

2014-04-22 14.48.57-2

2014-04-22 14.51.24-1

We have had the privilege of road testing the ByKay Mei Tai Deluxe for around 6 week now and we are really excited to share how we have found it! For some background, here is Miss Issy-she is 2.5 years old and approximately 89 cm tall. I am currently 7 months pregnant and can honestly say I have found this carrier comfortable and supportive. I have tried to demonstrate through these series of photos the various ways the mei tai can be worn and tied. I have demonstrated a hip carry, which is still very doable.

2014-04-22 14.48.49-2

2014-04-22 14.50.52-2

What most excites me about the ByKay Mei Tai Deluxe is it’s ability to be adjusted between various ages. The base of the mei tai has a set of buttons across two settings, in order to adjust the width of the body between the baby/child’s legs. This enables you the ability to adjust their spread squat. The mei tai is certainly suited for a new-born (legs in with the waist band rolled various times) right through to age 4 (arms out in the carrier) and all ages in between.

2014-04-22 14.51.01-1

2014-04-22 14.51.40-1

I love how high the body panel comes up on Miss Issy. The wide wrap straps, cup my shoulders and help to distribute the weight more evenly. The waist band is well padded, supportive and surprisingly comfortable worn down below my belly bump.

2014-04-22 14.48.01-2

2014-04-22 14.57.56-1

2014-04-22 15.00.43-1

To order your ByKay Mei Tai Deluxe head to our store 😀


Neobulle Evolu’bulle In Review by Isabel Galea

My name is Isabel and I have been proud to wear my daughter Rosie since she was 4 days old. She is 13 months old and weighed around 8.5kg when I was lucky enough to review this awesome carrier. We are used to using a variety of styles of carrier; woven wrap, Mei Tai, Wrap tai and SSC’s and were excited to find that the Neobulle Evolu’bulle takes the positives of all these carriers and condenses them into one easily adaptable and comfortable carrier.

The best thing by far is the adjustability. It can be tightened or pulled in at every side using drawstrings and the base has three widths changeable using snap buttons, meaning it can be used for any sized bub and can be adjusted to exactly fit your own baby which I found great as Rosie is quite little but still tall. Further, although it unfortunately lacks a hood, it instead has a panel that can be fully zipped to cover up to bub’s head, supporting the neck, or rolled down to allow an arms out carry. I had never attempted an arms out carry before but felt more confident doing so in the Evolu’bulle because I could adjust the rest of the carrier to make a tight fit (I was afraid she would fall out in other carriers) The manual suggests you can leave the panel half zipped to allow for taller bubs but I found it wouldn’t hold.



I also found the carrier very comfortable. The straps are padded and lead into long wrap straps which you can spread to support your chest and bub’s bottom when doing a back carry, which I had not done before I read the instructions in the manual. The material is also very soft and breathable. We wore this wrap walking to and from playgroup and at Rosie’s birthday party all during the heat of February and found the material breathed and remained quite soft. I felt as comfortable using this as I would using a woven wrap. My husband did find that the straps came up a little short on him, but still commented that Rosie felt more secure than using our other wraps. More so, he was able to use it unsupervised which is a testament to its usability.

062All in all, this is an excellent carrier for anyone who only wants one carrier to use from newborn to toddler as its adjustability is its best feature and is very easy to learn how to use.



To purchase a Neobulle Evolu’bulle head across to our store Woven Wraps Australia.


It’s our 2nd Birthday! Come to our Party!


We are celebrating our 2nd Birthday and would love you to be a part of it!

Thursday 3rd April, 8:00pm-9:00pm (AEDT)-ONLINE

This is a public event and open to everyone!

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Woven Wraps Australia is turning two and we are having a birthday party to celebrate! You are invited to come! There will be games, prizes, giveaways and surprises. Make sure you tell your friends and to register within the event now! You don’t want to miss all the FUN!

Oh and THANK YOU for being a part of what we do! For without our loyal customers it wouldn’t be possible!

Christmas Hunt Winners!!

We have had fun hiding giraffes around the store for you to find over the last 14 days. We hope you have had fun too! So all the entries are in and the winners have been drawn. The winners are………

1. Little Frog woven wrap-Tanya Cernak

2. Wrap Scrap Drop Bag-Krystal Grant

3. Babywearing/Breastfeeding Necklace-Erin Phillips

4. Babywearing/Breastfeeding Necklace-Donna Prentice

5. Wrap Scrap Teething Giraffe-Teresa Weir

6. Wrap Scrap Teething Giraffe-Kerri Player

Congratulations and thank you all for being part of our Christmas Hunt!

We will email you soon, if you don’t email us first!!

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Natalie xxImage

Product Review Opportunity-Neobulle Evolubulle Mei Tai

We are looking for 3-4 people who would be interested in trialling the Neobulle Evolubulle (Mei Tai) and would be happy to write us a review of between 200-250 words, including photos, to be displayed on our blog. We would love to have some feedback also between multiple care givers (mum, dad, grandma). The mei tai would be on loan to you for a maximum of two weeks and then would be required to be sent on to the next reviewer. Ideally we are after a spread of ages ranging from those with a newborn up to age 3.

We would be offering those who we select a $15 voucher to be used in store to thank you for helping us further promote one of of newest products.

If you think you fit this criteria and would be keen to trial the Neobullle Evolubulle please send email to entitled “Please! May I trial the Neobulle?”

Our product review opportunity  will close on Monday 16th December at 7pm (NSW). Winners will be selected and emailed.

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